Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday's Outfit RAFW

Rosemount Fashion Week

Ear Cuff - Sportsgirl
Dress - Stylestalker
Clutch - Vintage
Necklace - Babes
Ring - Babes
Shoes - Dr Martens
Socks - Best and Less

photos taken by Harriet Allen

It's such an exciting time at the moment in Sydney with fashion week happening. Sydney is defiantely buzzing and the street style at the moment is AMAZING!

I just want to point out that this is possibly one of my most favourite dress's ever and the designers are such babes and let me borrow it to wear especially to fashion week. I always know who to go to when i can't find anything in my wardrobe to wear. Sue-ann and Rachel from Stylestalker always look after me when it comes to the clothes department, I love them both ever so!

Check out their stuff here
Its AMAZING, if i could id have it all!

I also got the priveledge of taking my best friend along with me yesterday to all the shows, she defiantely wasn't complaining when i told her she was spending the day with me at fashion week! I'm totally in love with her jacket, im so sneakingly going to steal it one day hehe

Harriet wears;

Blazer - Something Else
Shirt - Saba
Jeans - Lucette
Watch - ASOS
Shoes - Zimmermann

Photos of harriet taken by me


  1. You gorgeous little thing!

    LOVE this dress - looks great with the docs too :)

    More outfits posts :)

    Friend in Fashion

  2. aww you are too kind my precious <3

  3. Wow I love that dress! Your hair colour is mad too.
    If that's the Harriet that interns at Market HQ with me (it looks like her), she's so nice :)

    x Vanessa

  4. it is that very Harriet! She's a babe and thankyou for your kind words :)


  5. You girls are so lucky! Youre living my dream ;) And I do love that dress; I saw it on Le Blog De Sushi and fell in love! And it looks great with your boots! Hope you have an awesome week! x

  6. Love those green Doc's. Looks like an amazing week!