Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RAFW, Day 2

Day two at RAFW

Tuesday was day 2 at RAFW and it was packed full of fun. I attended the amazing Miss Unkon Show and also the Ready to wear 2 show, which included one of my favourite labels None The Richer!
Both shows were outstanding. My favourite was Miss Unkon, the music, styling and hair were AMAZING! All the girls hair were all braided as you can see in my photos above. Due to the terrible lighting in the show I was unable to get heaps of great photos. Miss Unkons goodie bag was full of lots of fun little things! (shown in first photo) Her show had a very tribal feel, there were lots of cut-out dresses, lace, soft pastel colours, Silks, and tribal body paint on the models to add the feel of the show.

This was amazing! I was sitting in the second row and I was still scared for my life and the model just seemed so calm about having a live snake around her, wooh!

None The Richer - The shoes were fucking INSANE! ( a model actually tripped, but it was an accident waiting to happen)

This dress was EPIC! It was the last dress to appear at the None The Richer Show and it was an amazing way to end their show! Each little tassle was a skull head, fucking AMAZING!

All photos are my own

I'll be posting my first outfit post EVER later today, scary shittt! Im trembling about it already..

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